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People go to work, to work, not to learn

This means that relevant organization and work related knowledge must be immediately accessible to knowledge workers so they can do their jobs during "the heat of battle." It's a win-win situation for employers, employees, customers, partners, and others.

- Optimizes Knowledge Management, Learning and Development, & ISO QMS

- Digitize organizational knowledge (strategic, structural, procedural, functional, analytic)
      - Accurately model and manage complex local, regional, international KM Systems  
      - Aggregate and manage ISO certification documentation, procedures and processes
      - Acquire, manage, and deliver effective organization-centric Learning and Development
      - Experience engaging, personally relevant, on-demand eLearning & eMentoring
      - Acquire, manage, deliver Subject Matter Expert knowledge and processes  
      - Define and deliver highly-contextualized, concept driven, best practice knowledge
      - Users learn how, why, and what-if knowledge in "the heat of battle"
      - Users quickly gain broad and detailed perspectives, insights, and understanding      
      - Organizations gain knowledge superiority and competitive advantageDownloads:
- Understanding Organizational Knowledge-webs
- Leveraging Organizational Knowledge: Merging Technology, Knowledge & People
- Knowledge Science: The Great Big Beautiful Puzzle
- 70:20:10 Holistic Knowledge Ecosystems

Knowledge ComputingMachines that work the way people think

Knowledge is anything that reduces or eliminates question uncertainty. Computing is about input/output processes that produce a result. KM / QMS / L&D knowledge solutions rely on real-world organizational knowledge and analytics to deliver how, why, what-if eLearning and eMentoriing solutions for everyday situations and circumstances - as they arise. . >> read more

360º User ExperienceKnowledge when needed, where needed


Agile Global Business Services - deliver relevant knowledge on-demand. Content is displayed in 360º user views. Engage and experience cross-departmental, cross-functional knowledge. Gain unparalleled knowledge transfers across your organization. Take control. Gain organizational knowledge superiority.

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Blog posts related to Knowledge Science and Engineering, KM, QMS, L&D, and knowledge technology. >> go now


Knowledge Engineering Courses

Become a Knowledge Engineer. Learn to model eLearning and eMentoring services using IQStrategix' IQxCloud Knowledge Management System. Be a leader of the knowledge economy. >> read more.


Knowledge Engineering Opportunities

Entrepreneurs, business consultants, developers, integrators and others expand offerings and create business services around IQStrategix' award winning, patent pending IQxCloud Knowledge system. Engage. >> read more

What They Say

quote  Our imagination is stretched to the utmost, not, as in fiction, to imagine things which are not really there, but just to comprehend those things which are there."

by: Richard Feynmann, Physicist

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Nov 2018:: IQStrategix redemosticates the corporation to the State of Wyomng.


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