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IQStrategix, Inc. is a Knowledge Management EcoSystem technology company. Business operations are focused on the development of a line of knowledge ecosystem software products that include an enterprise-class SaaS (Software as a Service) Knowledge Management System called IQxCloud. The company also provides a series of training classes designed to educate attendees on knowledge science and engineering, and the use of IQxCloud Knowledge Management System. IQStrategix is pioneering a new industry called knowledge engineering, which supports knowledge engineers, subject matter experts, business analysts, and instructional designers and gives them the opportunity to develop and market their own knowledge products. IQStrategix is primarily focused on the $34B knowledge management and $107B eLearning industry. IQStrategix' knowledge computing products have broad application for commercial, non-profit, and government use.

ManagementDriven By Vision, an ambitious development mission, and practical application of business principles --

Dennis L. Thomas - CEO. 38 years hands-on executive experience in business management, marketing and corporate sales with private and public companies. More than 14 years hands-on experience related to knowledge science and knowledge technologies. Dennis is the conceptual designer of the IQxCloud technology.

Russell Henderson - Software Development. Russell brings to IQStrategix more than 24 years of in-the-trenches software development experience related to enterprise-class document management systems, special purpose applications, database systems, and Cloud computing architecture and systems development. Russell translates concept to code.

Martha Nawrocki - Knowledge Engineering. More than 22 years knowledge engineering experience with projects of national importance with US Government Agencies to inlcude DoD and its branches, NASA, and Office of the White House. Principal knowledge modeler and author of knowledge base products and physical and electronic user manuals. Martha authors the company's training manuals and provides primary QA of IQxCloud.

Julie A. Witherspoon - Business Operations, Director of Knowledge Engineering. Julie brings more than 23 years experience to IQStrategix with her background in business operations, management and sales. Julie is also a certified Master Knowledge Engineer and manager of IQStrategix' concept library development team.

IQStrategix MissionLeading Global Knowledge Technology Markets

IQStrategix' shared mission is to develop and market the world's most advanced organizational knowledge planning, acquisition, management, real-time delivery EcoSystems that dramatically increase operational efficiency, performance, and profitability.


Nov 2018 - Current: IQStrategix redomesticated from Nevada to the State of Wyoming.

December 12016: IQStrategixawarded "Best Patent Pending SaaS Technology: IQxCloud by Corporate America News.

March 16-18, 2016: IQxCloud presented at the Learning Solutions Conference in Orlando, FL. >>

March 9, 2016: IQStrategix releases IQxCloud v2.0.


INVESTOR RELATIONS: The next generation of knowledge computing is here now. The market is universal and the reach, decades and centuries into the future. Most people confuse data and information with knowledge. They are different. Knowledge answers how, why, and what-if questions. Data and information anwers who, what, when, where, and how-much quetions, and delivers information such as document files and unstructured content like emails. Until now, however, the means to faithfully represent highly contextualized organizational knowledge has been sorely lacking in conventional technologies, including AI. Today, buniness executives have a new class of knowledge technology to chose from that can faithfully capture, retain, distribute, and leverage vital organiztional knowledge. Join this NOW opportunity.





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