Certified Knowledge Specialist Courses

Course I - Theory/PracticeLearn fast and immediately apply


Whether you are a subject matter expert, program manage, operations specialists, or instructural designer, learn the fundamentals of knowledge science and apply that knowledge to developing knowledge ecosystems for your organization, clients, or as domain templates, to license on the open market. Learn to model organizational structures, processes and tacit knowledge. » Contact

Course II - Accomplish Advanced knowledge representation

The knowledge in our minds represents a complex store of unified concepts, ideas and thought patterns. Go beyond Course I. Learn to identify and model complex real-world knowledge relationships to include competing points-of-view, disparate and unstructured data, the knowledge in books, manuals and documents, and deliver that content on-demand across the enterprise. » Contact

Course III - AdvancedGaining strategic value form knowledge

Extend your insights and knowledge to collaborative teams, partners, associates and customers. The mind reasons to solve trade-offs, impacts, outcomes and consequences related to most every situation and circumstance. Learn how IQxCloud advanced sysems are used to enhance and extend vital organizational knowledge. Take the next step. Achieve. Gain expertise recognition. » Contact us

Executive OverviewWhat executives need to know

knowledge executives

Executives, managers, and SME's own most of the knowledge of organizations. When they leave, they take their knowledge with them. Executive overview is an eye opening presentation on what knowledge is, how it flows through oranizations, and why knowledge management with IQxCloud is key to organizational success in the competivie Knowledge Economy. Explore operational knowledge superiority. » Contacts

Knowledge CareersCertified Knowledge Specialists

knowledge engineering team

Where do you see yourself? Chief Knowledge Officer, Department Knowledge Manager, Knowledge Knowledge Engineer I, II, or III? A knowledge entrepreneur? Commercial and government enterprise rely on knowledge to survive and grow. Future proof your career. Learn how to recognize and use knowledge whether you become a knowledge specialist or not. You need to know. IQxCloud » Contacts

Learning CostsInvest in yourself, invest in knowledge.

Executive overview courses scale from two hours to two days. Costs vary based on venue. Otherwise, IQStrategix extended 5-day certified knowledge engineering courses are priced at $3,000 each. Existing customers receive a 10% discount on course tuition. Courses are expected to be available internationally through 3rd party educational groups. Prices may change without notice. » Contact us for more information

What They Say

quote  "I used to think that cyberspace was fifty years away. What I thought was fifty years away, was only ten years away. And what I thought was ten years away... it was already here. I just wasn't aware of it yet."

by: Bruce Sterling


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